The Fear Of Mathematics

The Fear Of Mathematics

Mathematics is usually called the "queen of the sciences. It is a crucially important tool within the study of other scientific disciplines, additionally to being a science in its title. Its value to scientific accomplishment is as innumerable as it is invaluable. Regarded as the nucleus of the science world itself, most celebrated scientific achievements could hardly have had a jumpstart without the guiding precepts of the essential modules of arithmetic. Most careers in Universities and colleges of education in the country increasingly require mathematics as a prerequisite. It has endured an unhealthy acuity mainly in the mind of the lower-level academic. Most students don't skills much the utilization of mathematics affects them, both now and within the future. Most times the kid that starts abhor mathematics would find no point of attraction with the category or the teacher. The result? Truancy sets in. This psyche can be corrected. The fear of math had cause comparatively poor quality (half-baked) graduates products from our citadels of learning that might impair the socio-economic development of their country and dim the image of graduates for our universities to the global community. This is further compounded by inadequate human and technical expertise to cater for the intellectual growth and welfare of its intakes. Universities that cannot secure the minimum academic standards for executing mathematics-related courses should be assisted in recruiting capable lecturers. Many view the acquisition of a certificate as an end in its self; as a badge of respectability and a meal ticket, not a means for improvement of individual faculties as well as contributing to the society. Parents have a greater role in the child's education and they try to provide support to their children in a variety of ways. Most of the parents find it difficult to help the child with mathematics As a part of the treatment of their kids to improve mathematics learning and performance, the parents need counseling that will change their attitude and perspective of formal mathematics as well as an improvement in formal mathematical skills. A certain amount of time is needed in problem-solving in moderation will keep your child mathematically healthy.

By: Janvi Aggarwal 


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