The Future of India with the Environmental Changes

The Future of India with the Environmental Changes

India, the most democratic populous country in the world. It is the seventh largest country and second populous country in the world. India is our country. So, every Indian’s citizen wants know the future of India. So, this time we will talk about the Future of India. In this year, Coronavirus spread thought the world and in India too but still India’s growth rate didn’t affect much. It was surprising as more developed countries like Russia, America, etc; their growth rate fell like nothing. This is because our unity is strong and this unity will make India’s future bright. The population of India will also lead to the development of India because most of the population of India is youth. So, after they grew up, they will make India’s future bright. Our traditions and culture will also make India’s bright as other people from another country will accept India’s traditions. Now you might ask why others will accept India’s culture. Other people will accept our tradition because we have a vast expense of our traditions. As The year continues the southernmost part of India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc. Will be in great danger as the year passes Antarctica’s ice will melt (Told you in my previous article). So, the sea level will rise as ice melts to become water. Then, island countries like Australia, New Zealand, etc will be drowned and southern India too. Northern sides of India like Delhi, Punjab, etc. They will be in also a great danger towards to environment as pollution level will be at its peak. The political area of India will be bright but not with environmental changes. This negative causes only because of global warming.

Ansh Srivastav

Delhi Public School, Gautam Budh Nagar

Class 5

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