The Increasing Role of AI Proctors for Conducting School Examination Online

The Increasing Role of AI Proctors for Conducting School Examination Online

Exams are one of the most essential parts of any education system. When it comes to school education, the need for conducting regular exams and assessments is even more. Regular assessments are more likely to be seen as complementary feedback for both, students and teachers. It is seen that a regular school conducts around 9-12 assessments throughout an academic year.
This year, we all know, the world has seen a global pandemic. The schools in most of the countries have remained shut. The schools have been shut in India for more than three months. While there are regions in India which are yet to conduct the board exams of a few subjects for class 10 and 12, the regular assignments and tests for other classes have also been severely impacted. In lieu of it, a lot of educational institutes are switching to online conduct of exams through AI Proctors.
What is AI Proctoring?
AI Proctoring is remote monitoring that uses a mixture of manual and AI-based remote surveillance. This allows an individual or organization to conduct remote online tests that prevent candidates from indulging in any unfair means. Digital proctoring allows a test to be taken anywhere the applicant has a device, camera, speaker, and high-speed internet access from any location.
These AI systems are developed in accordance with human understanding and needs. Imagine the invigilator, who till date, used to keep an eye on every student in an examination room is getting replaced by a proctor which can act as an invigilator remotely. Such a system is very transparent and easily understandable. While it provides several in which an exam can be designed, it also ensures the fair conduct of the exam. Considering the present situation, AI proctors have helped the teachers and the students in coping up with the pandemic situation without keeping the education at stake.
Most of these systems have Facial Recognition and Voice Recognition system for remote users. These properties increase the credibility and transparency of the conduct of exams. The major benefit of conducting exams online is that it comes with many checks and balances to maintain the security of these exams. The process weeds out the chances of malpractices during the exams.
The other important aspect that some of the AI systems such as Eklavvya provide is the on-screen marking system, these AI proctors, in comparison to any other online assessment tool can do an onscreen marking of the write-ups of a student. This ensures checking and evaluation of answer scripts in front of the student ensuring the highest degree of transparency.
So, to sum it up, we can say that the AI proctors are highly beneficial for the fair and smooth conduct of examinations remotely. Such a system can be friendly to both students and children but considering the fact that not all the students have the means to access such a technology, there are chances that due to this digital divide, not every section of students can use such a system.

By: Ishika Aggarwal


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