The Most Interesting Subject

Education News | Jan-12-2022

The Most Interesting Subject

In everyone’s life, there is a favorite subject in which he shows some extra interest and focus. Everyone has their favorite subject in which they show more interest. This interesting subject can be already chosen in their childhood or we can choose it in our college. Because everyone can’t be good in all subjects so everyone has their some subjects in which they show more interest. It is not more important than the most interesting subject is always an academic subject it can be any extracurricular subject also. This interesting subject can become our future if we focus on that subject. If we focus on our most interesting subjects since childhood we can opt for that subject for our career also. Like everyone I also have my most interesting subject.

My most interesting subject is Accountancy since high school. In the short form, we call accountancy accounts. The account is a subject in the commerce stream and we can only opt for it after completion of our 10th standard. Many people choose accounts as the career subject because the account is a subject that is used for banking lines also and a huge youth of India opt this as their career.

Now the question is why is this subject is interesting? I find this subject interesting subject because by this subject we get to know more deeply about the banking system as well as the economic structure of our country. This subject includes very important topics of our country such as GST (Good and Service Tax), VAT (Value Added Tax), Tax rates, different rules, and theories, etc. In this subject study any kind of account that is to be prepared before preparing a balance sheet such as revaluation, realization, profit and loss, depreciation account, etc. We prepare many ledgers also. We find various kinds of ratios and many more.

There are many more things about this subject but that’s it for now. The main reason for having an interest in this subject is this is a practical subject and we play with numbers in this subject. Being a practical subject makes accounts easy and the most interesting subject of mine.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School