The Practical Knowledge Of Gardening

The Practical Knowledge Of Gardening

Nature is a beautiful thing. It is not only about the food, the oxygen, the needs but also beauty, flora and fauna; it's a marvelous thing. We are related to it in some way or the other. If you want, we can come closer to nature through gardening!! It is a great workout. Watching the plants grow and bloom is when you realize that your effort was very much worth it. Now I know; you must be thinking that you will need a lot of space to grow plants. It's not like that, even if you have a balcony you can have your kitchen garden. A few pots, a little mud and a few seeds or saplings are all that you will need. Just imagine if you would have different types of spices, vegetables and fruits growing at your home. How would you feel? First of all you need to select the plants that you want to grow. Keep in mind the weather, season, etc. Now you will need to prepare the soil. Next, you will need a pot that has at least one hole at the bottom, so that the excess water can drain out and won't rot the plant. After planting, somethings that you will need to take care of are watching the plant for any bugs, giving them water as much as they need, that means not too much or not too little, loosening the soil from time to time, removing the dead leaves, etc. Be patient and let them grow. I am sure you will enjoy it, plus we have a lot of time on our hands right now, so let's make the best of it and try gardening.

By- Akshita Mittal

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