Tips to Cope up with the Fear of Mathematics

Tips to Cope up with the Fear of Mathematics

Mathematics, or popularly known as math is a subject of puzzles and logic. This is a simple definition of math.

Though for math lovers it is way better. It is like the definition of ice – cream or chocolate but for those who don’t like math, those who despise it even listening to the definition feel like a major toucher.

But everyone knows that math is very important, then how should we make ourselves like it?

Well if you wanna be friends with math, there is a simple way of doing it. All math asks of you is a little patience, dedication, and constancy.

Math needs you to be logical and it needs you to understand the concept. You can’t just rot learn it you must understand it. Math is fun is one of the many games and shows that help children gain a love for Math. Some other things that can make a child love math include learning Vedic math -  which tells us so many tricks and hacks that you start to enjoy math. Abacus helps a child make his / her calculations fast thus, in turn, helping them to become really fast and good in their calculations, and who does not like something they are already good at?

The math says that you must always– Do the work that needs to be done now as there is no other time than now.

So, in the end, I would like to say, don’t fear math – it’s not a subject to be feared it’s a subject to be made friends with.

- Ruchita Nair 

Amity International School Mayur Vihar

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