Types Of Natural Calamities In India

Education News | Jul-02-2021

Types Of Natural Calamities In India

Natural disasters are not under human control. As in other nations, India, due to its environment and geographical position, suffers from several natural catastrophes. The temperature in Indian subcontinents has been on the increase during the last few decades. We already watch the changes in India's weather. When it impacts the people or the property to a great extent, natural tragedy is termed a disaster. The variety depends on the people's capacity to recover from this. Natural disasters often have damage control consequences that last year. Natural catastrophes are often reported in this nation including floods, droughts, slums, earthquakes, and cyclones. India faces anomalous warming too, which puts marine lives at risk and affects the entire climate slowly. Proper preparation and active damage management unit may control the consequences of natural catastrophes. These calamities cannot be controlled but we may take measures and be prepared for appropriate preparation. This can reduce the consequences of the disaster on people's life. Natural calamities are occurrences occurring either because of natural activities or because of human activities. It leaves human life and properties with enduring consequences. Every day, it is growing around the world. It is due to human abuse of environmental resources. Because of its susceptible location, India suffers. Although the country knows it, the catastrophe management unit is still not in place.

Types of Natural Disaster in India

There are different kinds of Natural Disasters in India that happen frequently and leave painful effects on the Indians’ Lives.

-Earthquake: Earthquake is one of the frequently occurring natural disasters in India. It happens because of high internal pressure between huge rocks within the Earth’s crust. It causes them to break apart. It shakes the land. If the intensity is high, houses, apartments, etc. collapse or get damaged. India faces mild earthquakes frequently. However, the country has faced multiple severe earthquakes as well.

-Drought: Another great natural disaster-induced by the absence of rain is Drought. There are three kinds of droughts — weather, hydrology, and farming. More than 10% of India's land is susceptible to drought. In north-western India, dryness is especially likely.

-Cyclone: Cyclones occur largely due to Bengal Bay and the Arab Sea in India. Certain states are susceptible to such problems as West Bengal, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, etc. Five to six cyclones occur in India every year. It is due to the change in temperature and ocean pressure.

-Wildfire is very common in India since India has warm and dry woods. It also has wildfires or wild forest fires. It is harmful to wild, local, and environmental creatures. It is dangerous.

Natural disasters and human activities

Many human actions contribute to natural catastrophes. The major causes driving it are the growing population and consumerist trends. Demand and usage of natural resources are growing with the expanding population. Consequently, undesirable changes occur in the environment. Some of the impacts of water shortages, global warming, and climate change. In addition, man's constant want and lack are vital to natural calamities. The average water level is decreasing. The rivers and the sea are polluted by industrial solvents. Dirty, filthy gases are contaminating the air from industry and cars. Many men created wildlife are being destroyed.


The effects of natural disasters may be mitigated in different ways. The government should have safe financial support for catastrophe management. It is because inundations are destroying houses and affecting human lives. Money is a healing necessity. A proper disaster management unit should be in each state, all of which are properly linked with all corners of the state. Strong leadership is really important here. The government should invest more in natural disaster investigations. Suggestions should be made from other nations. People should be fully informed of any natural calamities in the future to make adequate preparations.

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