Uncommon professions which can be taken up

Uncommon professions which can be taken up

After completing your 12th standard, are you still in a doubt that what career path you should go for?
Do you know that Indian colleges are now offering some unique but interesting career options for you?
So, before applying to the college, have a look at the list below!

These professions are uncommon but interesting ones!

  1. Bachelor of Rural Studies (BRS): The course gives you the freedom to engage yourself in various rural and community development activities. If you like Indian villages and would feel pleased to do more for that, then this course is for you. The course designed for this discipline covers all the subjects like Gujarati, English, Hindi, Accountancy, Gandhian Ideology, Gandhi Jivan Darshan, Chemistry, History of Indian Philosophy, Psychology, Medical science, Rural Economy, Statistics, Cooperation and Panchayat,  Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Horticulture, Extension, Research work, Political Science, and Religions of the world, etc.

  2. Ethical Hacking: For all those people who enjoy hacking friend's social media account for 'fun' and have good skills in unlocking a locked system or cracking passwords. Then this course is meant for you and gives you the freedom to breach into the security of the computer system and get paid for it. One must have good knowledge of coding in different programming languages. 

  3. Tea Taster: Are you someone who loves tea? Then how about a job of tasting tea? A tea taster or a sommelier is a person who tastes and identifies the difference between the teas and also gives expert advice on various ways in which tea could be remade in order to achieve a particular taste. One must have active taste buds to understand and differentiate between the same.

  4. Public Health Entomology: This is another interesting field best suitable for nature lovers. A focused study of arthropods and insects which impact human life. A Person gets a good opportunity to meet and connect with local and state officials.

  5. Photonics: This course is best suitable for people who have an immense interest in Science and are curious to know more. Photonics is the best combination of optical technology and electronics. The study deals with photons, the elementary particles of light, and helps you master the techniques of detection, emission, transmission, and modulation of light.

Well, there are other uncommon professions too which gives you a career opportunity. Just explore yourself, Try new things, and follow your passion.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj

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