Understanding Importance of Cyber Security

Understanding Importance of Cyber Security

The 21st-century e is all about digital-mode of workouts and its impact on our daily lives. Education, banking, payments, voting governance and travelling all these activities and more have come online for better access to a hassle-free Lifestyle. By using smart passwords and IDs, global citizens are taking good advantage of technology! Along with the help of best internet connections worldwide. But also so every possession compels full proof security for its long time practice.

To safeguard consumer interests, for optimum utilisation, tutorials for extensive technology use, cybersecurity and cyber laws are set to protect them. The term cybersecurity refers to securing your digital networks, its software and hardware by suitable safety measures available. 

When a user social networks or access to social media, then their confidential information is also needed for those social media platforms and networking platforms for a better user - experience.

Social media platforms such as Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Linked In or multimedia websites require users information to secure their history of using that platform. For example, let's take the social media and networking platform Facebook Facebook Facebook and analyse how Facebook algorithms place memories and list of birthdays of the friend list a user has. By this, it also shows how many likes and comments have been there are previous uploads on a users profile. So the conclusion is the information which we post on a particular social media platform, is stored with the platform since past.

 Similarly, such platforms carry millions of information in the form of algorithms. This information belongs to many citizens who have to access that platform in history or is accessing that platform. But sometimes this information gets leaked with the help of errors happened by digital coding. It creates a big hassle in the life of a user and then their private information is also getting viral at times which can result in total deformation or threats of mental illness. The result of lead information is 70% information is 70% negative because half of the world population is accessing social media media and internet connection connects them globally. By these observations, cybersecurity was the need of the time which is now being applied on many platforms and still, new inventions and innovations are taking place to safeguard a user's interest.

The citizens who are aware of Cyber threats are the ones who prefer to use the best possible measures for cybersecurity for their experience in the digital world.  Cyber threats are those threats that can attack user information and can steal or misuse their details.


Cyber threats such as phishing, hacking, MITM, malware, DNS tunnelling, crypto hijacking, cross-site scripting attack etc. are some common threats to a user's information that can cause damage to their computer system and confidential information.  Therefore cybersecurity application is the need of the time for every user of technology so that they can have a better experience and can access optimum utilisation of digital resources.

By Kanika Vij

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