Urdu as a Means of Instruction

Education News | Feb-15-2021

Urdu as a Means of Instruction

Russians have the Russian language as a medium of instruction, Germans follow German, Chinese use Chinese and even India has adopted Hindi as a medium of instruction but it's our national tragedy that Pakistan couldn't adopt Urdu as a medium of instruction especially in Universities and Colleges and also within the Engineering and Medical Colleges as the medium of instruction. So far, the students of Urdu have rendered tremendous service to complement this language and to form it capable to affect all the themes of arts, science, engineering, and technology.

The aristocratic ruling faction and therefore the bureaucrats propagate the thought and virtually support it that Urdu isn't so rich on cover all the disciplines to form it feasible to show them in Urdu. There's another group of individuals who feel that being national language the Government should take all types of practical steps to form Urdu rich enough to become a medium of instruction. Some practical and valuable steps are taken by Federal Urdu College (University) of Arts, Science, and Technology Karachi during this direction and it's rendered laudable service to market Urdu. It's a general feeling of the majority of Pakistanis that Urdu must be made medium of instruction altogether in institutions and Universities, Engineering Universities, and even Medical Colleges, Polytechnics, and Technical Colleges. At the outset, allow us to have two media of instruction. Gradually we should always switch to Urdu and depend on it wholly. During a few years, time Urdu will become the sole language as a medium of instruction for all Colleges and Universities.

By: Jyoti Nayak

Birla School, Pilani