Ways of Friendly Interaction in a Classroom

Education News | Jan-21-2021

Ways of Friendly Interaction in a Classroom

Being friendly in class directly or indirectly helps us more than anyone else in the class, it keeps our mood cheerful and positive and also our mind feels at peace. So when we enter the classroom for the first time it is obvious that we will see different faces, different personalities, etc. First thing is to accept the differences. Acknowledge the fact that students sitting in the classroom with you can have a different perspective over things than ours, and if you respect others' views, they will automatically start to love being around you. 

Second, respect your classmates and teachers, if you talk nicely, they will reply to you back nicely. Well, this is what is called "give and take". If you want someone to be friends with you, you should be friendly to him/her and s/he will surely talk to you friendly.

Third, always try to sort out problems with your friends and teacher in a peaceful and calm way. Understand that they are different from you and you have to work a bit hard to make them understand what you are trying to say, most of the time we assume ourselves that so and so person understood already what we meant without a proper explanation and this leads to misunderstanding and hence fights. Be calm while you deal with your classmates and properly convey what you want to say. And also accept the fact that another person may deny your views or ignore them, you should keep in your mind that YOU have conveyed, now it is another person's problem to accept it or deny it. You are no one to pressurize another person to accept everything you say, rather happily accept whatever it is.

Being friendly to another person, in reality, keep our mental health better, always check before you go for a fight, question yourself...' is this fight even necessary?' And you will get to know yourself how time-wasting this fight is. So just be calm and enjoy your life without fights!!!

By: Prachi Sachdev

Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani