Ways To Save Endangered Species

Ways To Save Endangered Species

Don’t harm the harmless

Endangered species include animals, plants, birds, and other living organisms that are in danger and need to be given proper protection so that they survive. These species come in danger due to several human and natural activities which include.

  •  Habitat loss

Certain times animals and birds lose their habitat which sometimes leads to their death They have to change their homes due to human settlements, any natural calamity like forest fires, floods, drought, volcanic eruptions, etc. As a result several times it leads to the death of animals and birds.

  •  Global warming

As the global temperature is increasing day by day due to the use of certain types of machinery, excess use of cars and other types of vehicles, smoke, pollution from factories and many more other aspects. The temperature is increasing and the effect is on all living organisms including humans, animals, birds, and plants. This usually leads to the death of certain animals and birds as an increase in temperature makes it difficult for them to survive. For instance endangered animals like polar bears, snow leopards, etc.  struggle to find snow which is an essential part of their habitat.

  • Chemical pollution

In our daily lives, we use several things that are processed or made in factories. These factories release a lot of smoke consisting of several types of chemicals and harmful gases which leads to the death of many species including birds.

  •  Hunting

Animals and birds are a significant part of our environment and their body parts such as their bones, teeth, nails, skin, and fur are very expensive, rare, and precious. Several cruel people take it for granted and kill these animals and sell their body parts. This is the most prominent reason for the extinction of several species.  

  •  Disease

Several diseases like Ebola, Anthrax, White-nose syndrome, Canine distemper, etc. are caused in animals which sometimes lead to their death and make them one of the endangered species.

  •  Natural calamities

Natural calamities like forest fires, floods, droughts, and volcanic eruptions sometimes lead to the death of animals, birds, plants, and other living organisms. Usually, because of these natural calamities, several animals and birds lose their habitat and die.

Saving these endangered species is imperative because of these reasons-

  •  These species are vital in maintaining an ecological balance between plants, animals, and humans.
  •  Preservation of these endangered species is significant so that future generations are able to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.
  •  Protecting these species is also very important for medicinal purposes as directly or indirectly they are beneficial for human beings.

To save several endangered species like Bengal tiger, Indian elephant, Snow leopard, Bengal Florican, Red-headed vulture, Forest owlet, Great Indian Bustard, Ebony tree, Assam catkin yew, Red sandalwood, etc. there are several initiatives taken by the government, to name few-

  • Project tiger was also launched by the Government of India in 1973 to conserve tigers in their natural habitats, preserving them from extinction and preserving areas of biological importance this project lasted till 1990 (17 years).
  • Indian Government has proposed a plan to conserve birds and their habitats. At least 1317 bird species have been recorded in India out of which around 100 species are considered to be endangered.
  • Similarly, the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India had a goal to conserve 156 threatened plant species during last 3 decades which comprise of 50 herbs, 42 trees, 24 orchids, 14 shrubs, 14 climbers, 3 bamboos, 3 palms, 3 rattans, 2 cycads, and 1 tree fern. After this ‘Conservation of Threatened Plants of India’, program the government was successful in protecting 100 species among these.

 We can help and contribute to conserving the endangered species by

  • Spreading awareness about the importance of wildlife.
  • Volunteering and supporting the initiatives made by the government.
  • Boycott things made from animal and bird’s body parts and skins.
  • Make our home wildlife-friendly.
  •  Not destroying the animal habitat.
  • Becoming an ethical tourist and letting animals, birds, plants, and other species live freely. 

It is our right to enjoy our nature freely, and in the same way, it is our duty to protect our nature, preserve its beauty, and let the animals, birds, plants and all other living organisms live freely as we do.


Written by: Toshani Mehra

Class: 7-A

School: Delhi Public School Greater Noida



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