What Is Yellow Journalism?

Education News | Aug-01-2021

What Is Yellow Journalism?

Yellow journalism is the type of journalism with prefers sensational news over facts. This term originated in America and this technique is an exaggeration of news that revolves around a scandal or controversy. This technique was brought into existence to fight in the game of fame by newspapers. It was brought into the limelight during the rivalry of 2 New York newspapers, The World and The Journal. William Hearst is called the father of Yellow Journalism since it was his articles that may have caused The American-Spanish war. Yellow journalism articles usually are dominated by graphics to attract the human eye. The more controversial the news was, the more was the newspaper bought, so editors and writers made catchy headings and false news to attract more public.

A recent example of yellow journalism was Joe Biden’s fall while playing with his dogs in which he suffered through a hairline fracture, but the yellow journalists’ portrayed it as a huge injury. This confused the general public as to what to believe. Yellow journalism came with a heavy price to pay. Back during the time of the American-Spanish war, a sinking ship was portrayed as a greater threat to the American’s which lead to a greater war between the two. Yellow journalism requires less reporting and more creative art as to how to make issues sensational enough to sell a newspaper. The lesser this journalism is given the heat, the lesser will it impact the general public.

By: Kanak
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