Why Is Democracy Needed In A System?

Education News | May-16-2022

Why Is Democracy Needed In A System?

In this modern world, all countries are running systematically with stable political administration. The stability in most countries is assured by adopting the system of "Democracy". Democracy is defined as a form of government in which rulers are elected by the people. In simple terms, democracy is when people themselves vote to elect the rulers or leaders to run the government. Hence democracy is preferred worldwide because it has many advantages and thus Democracy is needed in a system because it provides many merits and features to the system which are listed below:

i) Democracy provides an option to the citizens to elect among the candidates unlike, the Non-Democratic governments where people have no choice to elect their rulers.

ii) Also democracy ensures that the final decision-making power must rest with the citizens who elected the leaders which is a significant need in a system.

iii) Democracy is also based on the principle of free and fair election which is essential in any system. Here, it also ensures that the party in power has a chance of losing which means all parties in a system have equal rights and opportunities to contest the election and even win the election. Thus, it is needed to maintain balance and a fair chance among all candidates contesting in the election.

iv) Democracy overcomes the power of "Universal Adult Franchise (UAF)" and gives the right to each adult citizen to vote in an election without any differences, biases, or discriminations. And so democracy gives Political Equality to each citizen where each citizen has one vote and each vote has one value.

v) Democracy gives the citizens the authority to form associations, show discontent by protesting, and think to have opinions. Even it checks that the opposition is not suppressed or harassed by the leading party in any manner and it analysis the pre and post elections scenarios.

vi) Democracy ensures accountability of government by giving citizens their basic rights and by being a transparent and responsive form of Government where all aspirations are fulfilled with a clear accessible method even to the citizens.

vii) At last democracy also provide Judiciary and Media the right to work independently with full freedom.