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Done with School, Now What?

Done with School, Now What?

Anubha Das

08 Sep, 2016

You may have sleepless nights about your future. You’re not the only one, many students who pass out are not certain about where to begin in terms of higher education.

Due to the educational framework in India, the choices after 12th grade become a foundation stone for your career. At this point, students have picked their stream as either science, Commerce or Humanities. Good choices after 12th can make your career and speed up your progress.

There are basically three options in front of an individual:

  • Remain in the chosen stream & choose a higher education
  • Change the stream and choose a higher education
  • Start planning in case they do not get the course/college of their choice


The first step in making a decision is to set a long term goal. Once an individual have a long term goal, they can divide it into achievable short term goals. Students should spend enough time contemplating about this and take help from parents, teacher & mentors. They should think of reasons that will keep them motivated throughout the course. Once they have an idea of what they want to do, it’s important to choose an institution that will give them the best educational opportunity.

Once you are done with school you go on to a new phase and learn many more new things.