A Sad Day in the History of Maldives

Editorials News | Sep-25-2018

A Sad Day in the History of Maldives

India is a country which faces a lot of threats and violent activities as the elections approach. Every year there is news of various parties indulging in activities that often hamper the nation’s peace and security. Lately, something similar happened in Maldives. Against the backdrop of a fractious national election campaign, the authorities in the Maldives have followed on threats to destroy a series of sculptures by the British-born artist Jason deCaires Taylor.

It was seen that on 21st of September, the local police making use of the court order, indulged in destroying the human-like figures which are indeed the focal point of the artist’s Coralarium installation at the Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi resort. The destruction was succeeded by a condemnation by local Muslim leaders and politicians, including President Abdulla Yameen, of what they deemed to be the un-Islamic depiction of human figures. The owner of the resort was amazed at the actions of the police during this entire issue. One of the spokesman stated that proper permissions were asked for and granted before the installation. The artwork is referred to as a great way to educate people about the environmental concerns that impact the Maldives and the world, at the same time helping to rejuvenate and restore local coral reefs. DeCaires Taylor has completed large-scale installations all over the world, and has established himself as one of the foremost names in underwater art. In an interview, DeCaires Taylor stated that he is under great shock after he learnt that his sculptures have been destroyed despite prolonged discussions and deliberations over this matter. The Coralarium was brought in order to connect humans to the environment and a nurturing space for marine life to thrive. It was indeed a sad day for art and the environment and definitely in the history of Maldives. The Accor group stated that it has initiated re- imagination plans with the artist.

By: Anuja Arora

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