Editorials News | May-13-2017


With big, hairless bottoms that become red, and tuffs of hair on either side of their faces, Baboons are one of the most identifiable species of monkey. They don't use their tail like a hand like other monkeys.

Recognized as the world's largest monkeys, these are 60 to 86 centimeters long from head to bottom. Their tails are another 41 to 58 cm long; and they weigh 22 to 37 kilograms.

Baboons are found in Africa, Arabia, Savannas, and along the red sea. These spend most of their time on the ground, but eat, sleep and keep watch in the tress.

Baboons live in troops of dozens to hundreds members. The young ones of these social creates in a troop play together. Their games include swinging from vines, wrestling, and chasing. The troops are usually run by a dominant male.

Baboons are omnivores. Female baboons are pregnant for about six months. At a time they give birth only to one offspring, though there are also records of twins.  

Baby baboons are said to be infants; and at birth these weight about 1kilograms. At 2 years, they start becoming juvenile, and mature at about 6 to 8 years.