Basketball: Popular Among India’s Young Generation

Editorials News | Sep-15-2018

Basketball: Popular Among India’s Young Generation

Basketball is growing to be a popular sport in India, not much like cricket but it is equally famous in the young generation. India is having the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) which represents the country at international level and controls the affairs, which consists of one professional team for men and women.

The BFI plays under the rules and regulations of the International Basketball Federation — formerly known by its French name Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur (FIBA), which models the NBA. In Recent times it is noted that state organizations with support and guidance of BFI, is organizing Basketball tournaments at state and district levels. The District Sports Office (DSO), Nagpur had recently organized a tournament at inter-school level for both boys and girls in Under-14 and U-17 categories. The game of basketball is getting competent in the city as almost every school was represented by their respective teams. Some old established teams continued to perform excellently but there were some new schools that made their name counted in top of the list. The matches in the U-14 category were played by schools which are within and outside the district limit. As on the first day of the 10 days tournament as much as 103 schools participated and 85 teams including 36 teams of girls played in the first round of this tournament. “It’s not only about the participation of girls teams, the new comers are nowadays giving tough fight to the established teams too”, beamed Samir Shrivastava, who is an active member of Inter-School Basketball since past two decades, “the number of teams nearly doubled when U-17 tournament started”, he further added in his statement. “Most of the young coaches are associated with various clubs and they are trying to improve their bench strength. It’s eventually helping schools too,” further stated by Mr. Shrivastava.


By: Anuja Arora