Sugary Drinks Should Not Be Sold at School

Sugary Drinks Should Not Be Sold at School

Excessive intake of sugary drinks increases the risks of diabetes, a heart condition, and dental cavity and thus the drinks shouldn't be sold in schools. consistent with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the number of kids who suffer the conditions has increased to 60% over the last decade simply because the youngsters are allowed to shop for soda and other sugary drinks in school. This statistic is an alarming one. However, more importantly, sugary drinks should not be sold in school because of three major issues; obesity risks, uncontrolled behaviors, and caffeine disturbances. Kids who take excessive sugary drinks are in danger of becoming obese. consistent with the World Health Organization, a single bottle of soda has at least18 tablespoons of sugar. This is equivalent to 240 calories. This is too much for school-going kids to digest or assimilate into the body. In the long run, it contributes to fast weight gain. Obesity exposes kids to cardiovascular diseases and low self-esteem. Nevertheless, if there are restrictions on what percentage of bottles every kid can purchase per day, then the danger is going to be reduced.Kids who also take sugary drinks in excess tend to become aggressive, anxious, or depressed. According to a study by the Journal of Pediatrics, these kids get into aggressive confrontations with their mates and are likely to cause them physical harm. But still, it’s a matter of controlled selling. If the institutions do not oversell the sugary drinks, then such uncontrolled behaviors are often reduced or be totally prevented. Some sugary are packed with caffeine and itcausesjittery, stomach upset, migraine, and sleeping difficulties to most kids. Research by Kids Healthshowsthat these symptoms make it hard for the kid to concentrate in class. In the end, the performance of the student is affected negativel.

By: Jyoti Nayak

School Name: Birla school,Pilani

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