5 Legendary Players Of Cricket

General News | Nov-13-2021

5 Legendary Players Of Cricket

Every sport gets popular due to some legendary or external players which the audience usually comes to watch out for. In cricket as well there are a lot of quality players that have made their name in the book of history and were at the top in their era 5 such great players are:-

(1) Sir Donald Bradman:-
Sir Donald Bradman for Sir Don Bradman by which we all know him he is the greatest batsman that the world has ever seen. We call him Legend because of his batting average in Test cricket that is 99.94 that is something that can never be broken and till now this record is not broken by any other batsman in the world.

(2) Sachin Tendulkar:-
Sachin Tendulkar or master blaster by which we all know him. If anyone sees his record he/ she will get to know why is called a legend. He had scored a “Century of Centuries” that record has not been broken by any other batsman. And that could be the major reason the world calls him God of cricket.

(3) Brian Lara:-
Brian Lara is a West Indies opener batsman. As you already know that West Indies is known for its attacking batting lineup. We can say that he was the head of the attacking department. He is the only player who has scored 500 runs in a single inning and still he was not out this record has not been broken by any other player yet.

(4) Sanath Jayasuriya:-
Sanath Jayasuriya was the Sri Lankan opener batsman. He was the lion of the Sri Lankan team and also one of the greatest opener batsmen in the world. His batting style of being aggressive was quite impressive to the audience and a Nightmare for the opponents. He had scored 30 runs per over twice in a one-day internationals. That is why he is also known as the Legend.

(5) Mahendra Singh Dhoni:-
Mahendra Singh Dhoni or MSD or Thala or Captain Cool and many more names by which the whole world remembers him. He is one of the greatest captains of all time. He is the best wicketkeeper in the world also. Hair made many records like he had the fastest stumping record that is 0.08 seconds that is even faster than a blink of an eye. And he had also scored 10,000 plus runs as a middle-order batsman that is also a great achievement. That is why he is called a Legend.