5 Major Types Of Meditation

Meditation is the key to relax your dull mind and make your soul feel lively. According to researches made by experts, meditation has the potential to eliminate stress from your life permanently.
Educators, spiritual leaders, and mental health experts have developed dozens of forms of meditation. These forms were discovered on the basis of a particular person’s personality and lifestyle. However, you can choose or discover your own style of meditation according to your own lifestyle and personality. Here are 5 major types of meditation as told by the experts:
1) Loving-kindness meditation: Also known as Metta meditation, its goal is to love and kindness towards everything and everyone even a person’s enemies and stress. The key is to repeat the same message until the practitioner actually feels love and kindness. It’s a good way to help reduce anger, frustration, and resentment.
2) Body scan meditation: This type of meditation encourages people to scan their bodies for areas of tension. Practitioners, in body scan meditation, start at one end of their body, usually their feet, and work through the whole, helping your body to calm, relax, and release stress.
3) Mindfulness meditation: Mindfulness meditation urges people to stop dwelling on the past and learn to seize the present moment. It involves focusing on your present, and not worrying about what has happened or what may happen. It helps in improving focus, memory, and getting rid of negative thoughts.
4) Breath Awareness Meditation: Breath Awareness meditation not just focuses on your physical breathing, but your mindful breathing as well. The goal is to only breathe and forget everything else. With the help of this, the correct amount of oxygen reaches your brain and relaxes your mind.
5) Zen Meditation: Zen meditation also called Zazen meditation, is based on Buddhist teaching. It involves sitting in a comfortable position, breathing, and observing one’s thoughts. This is like mindfulness meditation but involves more discipline and practice.
The type of meditations as discovered by the experts, help a person lives a calm, peaceful, and relaxed life. If you practice and preach any of these forms, you’ll realize how easy your body feels. Meditation is the key to a happy and disciplined life.

By: Surbhi Singh

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