5 Safe Walking Tips

General News | Dec-10-2020

5 Safe Walking Tips

Taking precautions may be a must when walking. Let’s face it, you presumably are going to be walking in your neighborhood and whether urban, suburban, or rural, an honest deal of the time you'll get on or very near a road.

Also, you'll end up walking in the dark, or walking in un-crowded isolated areas. If you walk on the side of the road, you want to face oncoming traffic. You would like to ascertain what’s approaching so as to avoid serious injury. While walking side by side may be a more natural thing to try, on the road this will only cause trouble. You're far more exposed to the roadway, and when drivers come around a blind bendthis might give them and you less response time to avoid a collision. Don’t ever challenge a vehicle or ever assume the drivers know once you have the proper of way. The size of a car negates all of your rights as a pedestrian. When you are walking alone, let someone know where you’ll be walking and once you expect to return, then let that person know that you simply have returned. This could become a habit and will get your valuable help if you miss placing the return call. When walking near wooded areas, dense brush, doorways, and courtyards you would like to remember your surroundings and any possible threats. Hang up the phone! Stop talking, stop texting, stop playing games. You'll be less likely to anticipate any approaching trouble whether it’s drivers, tripping hazards, passing runners, approaching dogs, or of more concern, potential criminals that view you as a distracted, easy target.

Avinash Sinha 

Birla School, Pilani