Accomplishing peace through Uniformity

General News | Feb-14-2021

Accomplishing peace through Uniformity

Symmetry is a peacefully appealing aspect for a viewer's eyes. A gradually inclining pattern contained within symmetric circles with utmost precision and details is nothing short of an art. One such art form is Mandala art. A centuries-old art form that is still practiced to this day has a mesmerizing quality. It gets stuck to the viewer from the moment they lay their eyes upon it.

What started as a spiritual and ritual symbol in Asian cultures has now wrapped its arms around the modern artists who eagerly look for a challenge. Mandalas require a great deal of patience and fine detailing, the reason why it’s such an appreciated art form. Modern-day artists have gained quite some reputation and appreciation for achieving the quality the same as what it used to be, ages ago. Even though the tools have since evolved, so has the approach, but the dedication and respect towards the art remain untouched. 

Earlier, mandalas were used for various religious festivities. Another set of purposes for mandala art was to meditate. In Buddhism, mandala art holds great significance as they believe it depicts the enlightened state of Buddha through mandalas.

In more recent times, mandala art has been adopted by various artists who have a keen interest in symmetrical patterns. Large platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have thousands of mandala art-related pages. Modern artists have brought forward a new approach to art. Instead of restricting themselves just to one particular shape, they now create it in many forms, shapes, and with much-added creativity. 

The spiritual art form has taken in its embrace, followers of yoga as well. Yoga is said to be a connection between the mind and the body, and so it mandala art. And yoga followers have rightly brought the two meditative elements together to summon peace. Despite yoga, mundane objects like dream catchers and stones, once covered in a mandala become a beautiful ornament full of creativity displayed upon it. The urge to create and collect mandalas strongly suggests the will to transform one's soul and bring inner peace to it. 

Typically produced on paper, the undying art has a warm embrace that captures the attention of the onlookers. It is a great success that this art form was humbly accepted by the new age artists with just as much appreciation, otherwise, it would have become completely obsolete and the world would have been deprived of the symmetrical beauty that is the mandala art.

By-Simran Raghav