Adaptation Of Left-Handed Child In The “Right-Handed” World.

General News | Sep-04-2020

Adaptation Of Left-Handed Child In The “Right-Handed” World.

“The left handed people are precious; they take the places which are inconvenient for the rest”

In the world full of right-handed people few unique ones are also present between us and they are none other than the left-handed people who are commonly known as the lefties. Now, if a question arises that why these people are unique then that’s because only 10% in the world according to the census is left-handed. These people are said to be too creative. However, we must remember that just like a coin has two faces the same ways lefties also have disadvantages along with many advantages.

The biggest disadvantage of being a lefty is that they face many problems in driving. A study proves that around 7.9% of lefties die due to accidents whereas only 1.5% of the world's right-handed population dies due to accidents. Many sources also prove that the left-handed people have less life span as compared to right-handed people. Despite that, there are many advantages to left-handed people. First, of first, they are very creative, skillful, and talented. Let’s understand why this is so. So, our left brain controls our analytical thoughts, logic, math, science, and writing skills. However, our right brain controls our holistic thoughts, creativity, imaginations, and intuitions. A right-handed person’s left brain is more active whereas a left-hander person’s right brain is supposed to be more active. As the left-handed person’s right brain is more active therefore that individual is supposed to have less logic but more creativity roaming around his mind. Today in this world we have several examples of lefties who are extremely popular and have a lot of talent. Few of them are Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Isaac Newton, Narendra Modi, and many more. Many sources show that being a lefty is a disorder. However, this thing cannot to be agreed. Being a lefty is not only a disorder but also a blessing. It makes you different and unique from the world. What the world can’t think lefties can. The biggest example is Isaac Newton! Who knew what gravity was? It was introduced to the world by a lefty. He did a lot more inventions which had shaken the world totally. However, a lefty must face the disadvantages too in order to survive in this right-handed world.

Every year to mark the importance of all the uniquely handed people i.e. the left-handed people we celebrate the International left hander’s day on every 13th August.

So to conclude we can say that the adaptation of lefties in this right-handed world is just like a blessing in disguise.