Addiction of Computer Games Amongt Children

General News | Nov-26-2020

Addiction of Computer Games Amongt Children

Computer games are widely gaining popularity, especially among children. These games are also known as video games. These are computer-controlled games where players interact with things displayed on the computer screen for the sake of fun. Examples of such games are Fortnite battle royals, Minecraft, Roblox, War of Warcraft and more.
These games can be action type, strategy-based games, role-playing, adventure and more. Small children these days are unaware of games like chess, ludo, snakes and ladders, Jenga and monopoly. Once children start playing these games, they usually get addicted to them. This addiction is dangerous. If children get addicted to action games, then they will become highly aggressive because of which they might lose their loved ones. These games can also affect their studies. Thus, making these games bad for children who are immature and don’t know the limits for entertainment. So, let us now know, about some ways through which one can reduce this gaming addiction.

Setting strict time limits for yourself is very important because ultimate self-control is the solution to many things. You can set it to 30 minutes or 1 hour depending upon the time you spend on gaming right now. Gradually, try to reduce the time.

Don’t keep your gadgets in the same in which you sleep because sleeping without any distraction and disturbance is very important to calm one’s mind.

Make a group with other gaming addicts who are trying to leave this habit. It will help you to get solutions for this habit and this you all can together spend time doing yoga instead.

Do try these things if you are addicted to computer games and remember that self-control is the only control which can help one to be successful.

Toshani Mehra

Delhi public school Greater Noida