Animals Should Not Be Kept in Zoo

General News | Sep-20-2020

Animals Should Not Be Kept in Zoo

“We need in a special way, to work

Twice as hard to help people

Understand that animals are fellow

That we must protect them

And love them as we love ourselves”

I love animals, so when I see them in a cage, I feel so bad for them.  No, animals should not be kept in captivity because they have the right to live freely in the wild.  They are living creatures just like us and no one has us in cages. It does not really matter if the cages are made of steel or of gold and embedded with the diamond they are still cages and no one likes to be in one. If I tell you that I will put you in a cage with all the riches of the world, the best food, entertainment… everything but you can’t meet anyone and people we come to stare at you and the cage will be the size of a small room. Would you agree?? I guess not! No one likes to be apart from their loved ones and everyone hates to have their freedom taken, then how can we be so cruel to not think the same for animals ?? Animals are also living creatures just like us and they have as much right to freedom as much as us. We already destroyed their home and took away their families and now we have trapped them in small cages!!! How cruel can humans get!!??

We must change!! We must understand that they deserve better, they welcomed us into their homes and we took over! If we have any humanity left it is our duty to at least share with them what is rightfully everyone's. LOVE ANIMALS AND THEY WILL LOVE YOU EVEN MORE!!!

 By: Ruchita 

Class 9th 

Amity International School, Mayur Vihar