Art as a Therapeutic Escape

General News | Nov-28-2020

Art as a Therapeutic Escape

Are our realities not wrecked by stress? Don't we all have a dream world? Art is a much-needed escape. It refers to many such creative activities that are a constant source of relaxation in our stressed lives. It provides us with more insight into the real world. There's no other better way than art to mitigate and fructifying pain.
Life isn't a bed of roses. It is full of thorns of misery and pain. And who doesn't desire a refuge from reality? Art helps us dive deep into our imagination, a beautiful place to be in because that's our world, chosen by us.
When we invest undivided attention into an art piece, we lend a part of our soul to it. It can be in any form - prose or verse, painting, reading, music, cooking. It's just a bottomless list.

Art is a therapy that fosters healing by elevating our moods. It's an expression of our suppressed thoughts and emotions. Art keeps us productively engaged and renders ultimate bliss. It adds colours to our lives and thus improves the symptoms of depressions and anxiety. It is a meditation on the evanescence of all things. The efficacy of it to produce satisfaction is phenomenal. As Ruby Gutierrez rightly says,"If art is therapy, if art is to inspire, if art is a weapon, if it is medicine to heal soul wounds, if it makes one not feel alone in his or her visions, or if it serves as transportation to a higher self, then that is where I aspire to live Every day."


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