Benefits of Sports for Students

Regular sports and exercise can not only help students in developing their physical abilities but also shower them with a greater spectrum of benefits which are not just physiological but also are psychological. This makes the sports activities extremely rewarding and gives the students higher probabilities of being better at circumstances/challenges they are presented with.

Here are some benefits which will make you realize how uncool it is to miss PE class:

  1. Health- First and foremost, a fit and agile body will not only reduce your lethargy but help you fight cancer, reduce blood sugar, decrease chances of heart problems and help you prevent cholesterol and blood pressure issues in later life. It improves overall body strength and this helps students respond better to stressful situations.
  2. Emotional health- Psychological health has remained an unspoken taboo until late in India. It is important to understand that healthy regulation of emotions and the natural process of venting out and catharsis is important, will help students deal better with life problems and will make them a stronger adult. Sports help in emotional regulation and builds resilience and focuses on growth.
  3. Academic development- The ability to retain information along with increased processing and enhanced speed are the advantages that come with sports. Slogging in the classroom with piles of assignments and homework can only build pressure and cause anxiety. However, a healthy sense of play and work will ensure efficiency and speed in school work as well.
  4. Discipline- A very important factor in sports is innate discipline and courage. It takes effort and dedication to wake up early, has a proper schedule, and manage both studies and sports. The commitment to the social circle and one’s miscellaneous activities often has to take a backseat or has to be managed with a precision that prepares the students for multitasking.
  5. Social engagement- While playing with people and working in a team, you realize the importance of coordination and sync along with practice. You note and acknowledge that being a lone wolf will not help you but working together and understanding the weakness and flaws of each other to generate computability will take you forward in the game.
  6. Esteem building- A sense of pride after every victory with the learning experience accompanying every game unfolds the essence of perspective in life and teaches students the importance of confidence, positivity, and optimism. Reckless optimism adds a wild fury of passion to the game and lends the team member's precious synergy.
  7. Sportsmanship- Taking criticism, working on it, and becoming a better person are life skills that should be taught in classrooms. Fortunately, the playing field does it better. It teaches one the art of acceptance, letting go, trying, and learning all in one. No classroom can do it better than the playing field.
  8. Energy enhancement- A dull and inactive student cannot contribute much to the classroom. But an active and increasingly enthusiastic student can bring to the table creativity, spontaneity, humor, and understand to even the most boring projects and enhance the gusto and zeal one has in the classroom.
  9. Respect rules- Rules and authority are common structures in a society and it is extremely important to understand how to adapt to them. Realizing how to adjust and working towards the same becomes easier when you are in a team and play sports. Respecting your seniors becomes an automatic response and being diligent increases your productivity.
  10. Better sleep and serotonin balance- A healthy sleep and a healthy flow of serotonin are ensured in the body after a workout which increases the quality of life and sense of living.

By –Akshita Chugh

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