Best Games to Play with Parents at Home


The COVID 19 pandemic situation caused a sudden change in our complete lifestyle. Everything was virtual. Students were attending online classes, and parents had work from home. The whole family stayed in one house for an extended period because of which the family members were able to know more about each other as compared to before, as before parents were always busy. None of us was able to go out and interact with other people, but every cloud has a silver lining. Here the silver lining was 'family time'. No vacations, no outings, no parties as family time, but some gaming time with parents is indeed better! Sitting at home without fun can cause stress and depression. So, let us know some games to play with your parents and to have fun with:

  • Monopoly: It is a well-renowned game for two to eight players. It is an example of a financial game-like business which can also help with the basics of math.
  • Carom: It is a game for two to four players that take place on a board usually made up of wood. It has white and black colour tokens and a pink token named queen.
  • Scotland Yard: This game is like a police and detective game for three to six players. Unlike other games, this game is suitable for teens and adults as well.
  • Jenga: This game has wooden blocks that are piled up in a stack. It is a fun balancing game to develop concentration.

These days during COVID are not going to repeat in our lifetime. So, let us make full use of this time without wasting it.

Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida

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