Bharatanatyam: As a Career

General News | Jan-03-2021

Bharatanatyam: As a Career

A student gets little or no time after a busy schedule. With all the projects and assignments, mixed with 2 to three coaching classes opened up into different timings within the week. Add some surprise tests at the top of the week, and there! you have got 4 years of your school life and three years of school right here. It's been long debated whether studies are the sole vital elements of faculty life.

Activities of all types are introduced within the curriculum with the thought that each student will achieve holistic development altogether aspects of life. But most of those activities are generally overlooked, by students, parents, and in some cases the teacher itself. the teachers are time and again winning the battle of what's important against subjects like education, Dance, Art, and Craft classes.

Bharatanatyam's theoretical foundation within the ancient text by Bharta Muni called Natya Shastra. As a career, you ought to only take it up if you've got the eagerness, especially the shape that Bharatanatyam offers. Today the art has been confined to few centers within the country which sees only a couple of trainees.

Many students leave art after their Arangetram. Academic studies and other career options become a hindrance. In many other countries, especially within the west, Bharatanatyam is taken into account a really important classical dance form. it's equated to ballet and non-resident Indians are the bulk of the scholars. Throughout the 60s and 70s, the art of Bharatanatyam was significant to be distinguished to enhance an actress. Many famous women like Hema Malini, Shobana, Waheeda Rahaman are samples of an equivalent. So did the time given to performance arts on-air, because the audience moved faraway from appreciating classical dance forms to more reality-based and entertainment shows.

By: Avinash Sinha

School Name: Birla School, Pilani