Bull Riding in India

General News | Jan-12-2021

Bull Riding in India

Bull Riding is a rodeo sport that has a rider and a bull. Bull Riding is a famous sport in India. To get a score the rider should sit on the bull for 8 seconds and the bull tries to buck off. 0 score is very common. Professionals are able to score 75 points or more.

The scores above 80 are considered excellent and near 90 exceptionalThe bull is also given a score. Judges see for the control of the rider to the bull. The riders and including the bulls use a lot of equipment for their maximum safety. The primary equipment is the bull rope. It is braided and made of polypropylene, grass, glass, or some combination.

A handle in the center of the rope and stiffened with leather. A flank strap is a cotton rope of 5/8” diameter and used without extra padding. The arenas are used in professional bull riding. Some are rodeo arenas which are used only for bull riding or any other rodeo event. Scoring is done within the rodeo organization. The two largest bodies are the PRCA and the PBR.

They vary in how they score bull rides. Each bull has a name and a number. The bulls with strength, agility, health, and age are only allowed to perform. Before the competition, the rider and the bull are matched. Only some ranked riders have the permission to choose their own bull. The bull kicks, bucks, spins, rears, and twists to throw the rider off. The bull riders wear protective vests also. 

By: Sanvi Nigam

School Name: Delhi Public School, Greater Noida