Can We Defeat Our Fears?

General News | May-12-2021

Can We Defeat Our Fears?

Fears! What does that mean and how crucial they are in our life gives them the authority to scare us. Fear is anything that makes us uneasy in a specific environment. For instance, if I run away from encountering a lizard; then, I am afraid of it. Now the question arises that why do we need to defeat our fear? Consider an example for this case; suppose you need to go to your terrace for some reason, you would deny as for the fact that there are insects you are scared of! This was something extremely basic for us. A little fear disabled us to do a specific task.

Life carries us to a completely unexpected and obscure journey and so do the fears. Fear leads you to some way that you might not have chosen. Fear to be alone, fear of losing someone, fear of being unsuccessful, fear of not achieving what we yearned for, and so on! These are most of the time dominating factors upon life itself!But; when there is a will there is a way! We can mentally fight our fears! Till the time we don’t allow them to scare us, they have got no power to even surround us; because ‘the biggest fear in life is fear itself!’. If you ever feel that you are scared of something, just imagine what they can do to you! Believe in yourself and gain confidence. Try to scare your fear with their fear! Make fear so petrified that it is coward to confront you!

In the versatile world, it’s obvious that all the fears are not of the same kind. Trillions of people and so are the fears! This is followed by the other ways we can fight our fears. For a prototype, Public Speaking is a mass fear! But its solution is easy. Console yourself and tell yourself that no one can stop you while you speak. Make yourself realize your abilities and lastly; practice a lot!
It is not easy to get rid of our fears in just one go. Neither it is impossible to defeat it. Our mental strength and our beautiful souls are a weapon to fear; and honestly, fear can’t fight it!

“Sometimes the fear won’t go away, so you’ll have to do it afraid!”

By: Mahika

Happy English School