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The world is now very keenly looking at movies. Not only to movies but also to Newsreels, commercials and documentaries and makers are intensely excited to produce the same, catering to all the audience. Film-making includes multiple aspects like storytelling, direction, screenplay, the casting of actors, deciding budget, locations taking to shoots. Film-making is also considered a synonymous to the direction.
Our country India is the largest producer of Films. Bollywood alone is valued at more than $2.28 billion, with an expected 11% annual growth. With such an increase in growth and the increasing demand for films, in both national and international markets, the demand for professionally trained film-makers has also sky-rocketed.
You can seek a good career in film making by working with, certain dream production houses they wish to work with. Dharma Productions, Balaji Motion Pictures, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures. Also other than production houses, there are a few other sectors film-makers can find work with, like Social Services, Vlogging Platforms, Advertising Agencies Hence, it can be concluded that the opportunities are plenty for students film-makers to display their talent in the industry.
For students planning to enter in the field of film-making, it is quite important to know that the field requires an instinct to understand storytelling in motion, and transitioning ideas onto the reel. A student from any of the three streams – Science, Commerce, and Humanities can apply for a program in film-making. Graduate programs in the country make admissions based on aptitude tests and personal interviews.
FairGaze also conducts programs for the holistic development of students. We provide access to continuous mentoring for students and provide customized Career Counselling for Students in Delhi and is the only platform for students that have various career counselors available, in Delhi/NCR. Your children are assured of career guidance from experts. So if you are looking for an online career counseling platform in Delhi, FairGaze is the answer for you.

By: Saksham Gupta

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