Change is the only Constant

General News | May-02-2021

Change is the only Constant

Life is gorgeous, we all can agree thereon. Even so, we get trapped within the illusion of our time and space when actually, there's none. We live a cheerful memory for the remainder of our lives inside our heads, over and over. within the same way, we tend to repeat a traumatic incident in our brains also, without giving it an idea that it’s only past that’s twiddling with our heads. The past isn’t here anymore, the longer-term can't be seen and therefore the only thing permanent is that the here and now and zip else. Everything is that the result of a change. there's nothing to question – change is that the only constant in life.

As soon as we accept this powerful quote, we'll be relieved of all the pain that we expect life has given us. One should remember that change is an important part of life. One just can’t do without it. While many of us are scared of change, it is, in fact, an honest thing, once you train yourself to only see the positive in it. Life is filled with changing weather, moments, wins, losses, people, jobs everything is temporary.

Thus, it's often advised to measure your life within the moment without fear about the longer term. there's nothing else but this. Everything else will change tomorrow, albeit it doesn’t seem that way sometimes. consistent with Buddhist teachings, we are made from little deaths which suggest that we die every moment and that we are born at an equivalent time also. the best of all impermanence is death. We are born, we live, and then, when the time is true, we die. This alone should inspire us to simply accept the reality of change.

By: Avinash Sinha

Birla School, Pilani