Changing role of women

It has researched and identified that human behavior manages to compare individuals' abilities, regularly with different circumstances and abilities an individual inclines to be perfect in their ways. When socializing among Peer circles or in a professional environment, women's ratio is less, or there is no ratio. But as per the changing extents and growing opportunities, women are starting to take part in distinct aspects. From kitchen to landing with a job, the modern woman leaves no stone unturned on her way. Dreaming plays a significant role in people's lives, and acknowledging those dreams is the first step towards them.
As the world is a thriving universe, opportunity comes and goes, but the modern woman of the centuries is not taking any society labels. There was a time when women were not aware of the outside world. It was considered a female individual to nurture their families by providing extensive care and enrichment of love so that the whole family tree blossoms with a glow. But in modern age and the generations do not find it comfortable to live up to our ancestors' idea. 'Comfort' for stylish women of the time is to change their roles as much as possible. The contemporary women of the world want the freedom of choice and liberty to dream by making sure that their dreams set an example for every individual existing.
With changing roles of women in the world, there was a time when gender roles was shaken through the roots when successful women like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Mary Kom, Kalpana Chawla, Ho Ching, Rosa Parks, and the list is long, came up with extreme workouts that thrown a massive impact on the world.
Women's changing role has been existed by significant criticism, loss of opportunities, and exploitation of thoughts. When working and struggling for rights, every individual tends to develop the idea of bringing change. This change reflects a significant impact on generations. The reason behind these types of impactful events is that all of the most influential women of the world had the sight of acknowledgment, education, and a rebellious attitude towards their accomplishments.
The conclusion is women are changing, and this change is necessary to bring a revolutionary movement of shaping the global future of generations. A difference is the only constant; it is not required that the focus is totally on bringing a change in the women's livelihood and getting a change of mindset in society and our lifestyles.

By Kanika Vij

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