Changing Stereotypes about Beauty

General News | Jan-19-2021

Changing Stereotypes about Beauty

What is beauty? well, in a layman way it is something to do with skin color, height, and figure at least in Indian society and no doubt in some other countries too. This is what stereotypes of beauty is in case of judging human beings. If a person is tall, fair and with 'perfect figure' then that person is considered beautiful in the eyes of people, i mean most people!

But this is not right, beauty is not equal to physical appearance rather it should include person's whole body, mind and soul and also there's no perfect way to justify that some people are beautiful than rest people. 

One famous quote says "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", means that what is beautiful for me, may not be beautiful for you. And here I'm talking about both inner and outer beauty of a person. So making stereotypes about beauty will misguide us to judge a person truly. Like it took years for western countries to accept black people fully, why is it so? Its because we made this stereotype related to skin color that white skin people are superior than black ones. And when we followed this notion, we actually ignored all other factors which make person attractive like his/her personality! Though things are changing, but the process is slow and that's because we have made this mind set of who's beautiful and who's not. Very first thing that we have to change is not our or someone's PHYSICAL APPEARANCE but our thoughts, our beliefs and concept of true beauty!

Always remember, beauty lies within you, so stop searching for it outside.

By: Prachi Sachdev

Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani