Clipping The Wings Of Future

General News | Feb-16-2021

Clipping The Wings Of Future

Being a parent is an extremely hard task to do. To have to handle the responsibility of another human being does not come easily. Parents provide their children with the protection and unconditional love. But along the line, parents forget to emotionally support that child. In the world of the rat race, every parent wishes to see their child accomplish inordinate success. However, sometimes they lose sight of their child’s interests and goals and impose their dreams on their shoulders.

The desire to see their child follow your footsteps or take a lead toward a stable and successful career might seem tempting to any parent, but it does not justify disregarding their kid’s passion in life. A child might have the ability to paint masterpieces, but gets stuck in calculating numbers to fulfill his/her father’s dream of becoming an accountant. It’s every parent’s concern to see their child flourishing in life with success and happiness, and they believe that their forced path will result in both for their kids. But that’s only a very rare case because usually, the kid is stuck between the temptation to pursue their dreams, and the crushing weight of their parents' expectations.

Sometimes, kids cannot muster up the courage for confronting their parents; other times, they are led to believe that their field of interest will only lead them into an unpredictable future where they might fall face down. Such a notion shakes a child’s confidence and also holds them back from actually being happy. Circumstances have forced many parents to give up on their dreams. It is very recurrent among such parents to impose those unfulfilled dreams on their children.

The common frame of mind of parents is that children are not mature enough to understand what they might want in the future. Living the roles of guardians, they believe that what they decide for their children is the only accurate choice. Sometimes they even believe that their abilities have rubbed off on their children, and thus, they are born to follow the same career path. But the point they fail to understand is that rather than living a life full of regrets, their children might want to live a life with less money.

Parents are not solely responsible for this. The education system has always preferred grades and academics over other activities. Teachers take up sports and art periods of the students to teach them maths or chemistry. But what they don’t realize is that there might be exceptional artists or athletes in their class whose opportunity to shine in their field has been snatched away. Children are more than capable of realizing their career paths based on their interests, and they should be free to achieve the same.

By- Simran Raghav