Competitive sports can teach us a lot about life

General News | Sep-29-2020

Competitive sports can teach us a lot about life

Sports is an activity involving physical exertion and skills in entertainment and education. Regular physical activity is known to improve the resistance of the body to external factors and prevent any deviations during growth such as a bad posture. Competitive sports include the element of individuals or teams competing against one another for a reward or for an exhibition.

According to the World Sports Encyclopedia (2003), over 8,000 competitive sports are available, and many parents insist that their children enroll in school teams or attend sports sections with their peers.

As one goes through each of these, a familiar pattern of life lessons begins to shape, as sports can teach children some basic notions which adults frequently forget while facing difficulties in their life.

Competitive sports are designed in such a manner that it teaches us numerous things about life. Have you ever thought what are these lessons we can learn from competitive sports?

No matter we win or lose, the lessons taught by these sports are life-long. In competitive youth sports, we can find an opportunity for ourselves to become a leader and therefore, helps in developing leadership qualities. Guiding and helping peers during the warm-ups and building a strategy for the team, children develop self-confidence, self-esteem, self-actualization which may be hardly accessible in other activities. They make mistakes, search for their solutions, and other alternatives to fix it. They also built a sense of understanding that these situations and mistakes are unavoidable.

Team sports teach us to follow rules and regulations and make children disciplined. It teaches students to think positively in a negative situation and to accept failure. One should learn from it must not repeat the same in the future. The Child becomes more aware of his/her roles, norms, and social status in society. Leading the team is a responsibility but success will come only if all others follow the instructions of their leader and cooperate with the other teammates.

Parents frequently face the situation that often kids get frustrated about their training sessions. Parents and coaches should guide students about how to overcome negative emotions and move forwards. After some time, an individual gets used to the experience and practice control their anger. But the most important lesson that we receive from team sports is the awareness that you need to work hard to achieve success. Not all people are the same and inherit fortunes or extraordinary talents. Millions of ordinary people can become extraordinary if they concentrate on their target and do their best to perform at the highest level.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj