Craze Of Cricket In Indian Fans

General News | May-18-2020

Craze Of Cricket In Indian Fans

Cricket is a game in which two teams face each other in different formats like a test, ODI and T20. This is a game that has gained a large number of followers and people all around the world are mad about them. In India, this game has gained so much popularity that whenever a cricket game is being played there is no seat of the stadium that is empty. People in India became so much serious about the Cricket World Cup that when India lost in the semi-final of the 2015 Cricket World Cup Semi-final, the crowd became so much angry that they broke their televisions.

The craze of cricket in Indian fans has given birth to a new challenge that is the Indian Premier League. Indian cricket fans are so much attached to the Indian Premier League that they get divided among their favourite teams during the game. Indian fans take part in IPL just like as if they themselves are playing this game. Indian fans are an important part of cricket. Whenever the Indian Cricket Team plays a match in any corner of the world, we can also see some Indian fans among the crowd. This enthusiasm of the crowd also boosts up the confidence of the entire Indian team.

Watching the craze of the Indian fans and with the advent of the internet, many people have made their own sites for live streaming of the cricket game and people are watching these games on the internet. Whenever there is a match between India and Pakistan, entire India whether they are interested in watching cricket or not gather around someplace to watch the game together and becomes a question of nation's prestige.

By: Harsh Yadav

School: S.D. Public School

Class: 10th