Cricket hampering the growth of other sports in our country

General News | Oct-16-2020

Cricket hampering the growth of other sports in our country

In recent times, we can say, Cricket is indeed hampering the growth of other sports in India. Well, it's hard to accept, cricket is blotting many other sports in India. From children to adults, you can easily find people playing cricket but it's hard to find someone playing hockey or other sports.

Cricket has given us true legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, M S Dhoni, and many more. From IPL to the World cup, the people of India have appreciated so much in Cricket.

Though hockey is our national game in practical view it's cricket. It's not just a game, but it is celebrated as a festival. The sports page of the newspaper mostly publishes cricket news and generally gives more importance to it. The main reason behind it is that there is no government support. The government did not provide any allowances.

In India, there are no proper stadiums for other sports than cricket. This is because there is no government support. Due to the negligence of the government and poor facility, The government forgot about other sports also in our country.

The importance that cricket holds in India, that dignity, respect, and popularity none of the sports can gain and hold in our country. Also, sponsors are ready to invest their amount in cricket but not in other sports, and therefore, it becomes difficult to find sponsors for other sports. It’s a fact that cricket is hampering the growth of other sports and has attracted all the money, but it is not solely responsible for it.

Sportspeople develop their passion, talent, and love for a particular game from childhood. In India, school level athletes are also spirited towards their sport. But as they grow, due to the lack of facilities, hospitality, and recognition they are unable to improve their skills. In cricket, the infrastructure and other amenities like salary, accommodation given to cricketers are really lucrative and which is not given to other sports players in our country. We must give equal respect and facilities for every sport and sportspersons.

 Cricket has a very interesting format, that's why it has become so popular and loved by the citizens of our country. The fame and respect the cricket has given to India, cannot be ignored. Though other sports have not lost their importance. But yes, it's a fact that cricket is followed by more people.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj