Dealing With Exam Stress

General News | Feb-15-2021

Dealing With Exam Stress

The biggest fear in a student's life is an exam. When it comes to exams, students put their whole hearts and soul into it. Students undergo a lot of stress during their exam time. Handling stress during the exam is a troublesome activity that hampers the students mentally and physically. They start losing confidence in themselves and end up losing marks in the exam. Taking stress is a good virtue but to a certain limit. Stress is a common phenomenon among students, especially board aspirants. Board exams are the biggest battle that students fight, but there are some who despite being well-prepared cannot score desired marks. This happens because of stress which tampers with their mind. It simultaneously gives stress to the parents because they cannot see their child studying under stress. There are ample reasons when students deal with stress during exam time.

Proper intake of food:
Taking a proper and good amount of food is a must during exam time. Students usually neglect food because of their exam pressure, which makes them frustrated, and they lack proper concentration. Some food items should be strictly consumed to release stress during exam time. Students should avoid consuming chocolates and other junk food items during exams. Consumption of energy drinks should also be avoided. Unfortunately, students replace junk food with regular meals. Healthy food helps in keeping the energy level up so that students can perform well in exams.

Eat Bananas:
Bananas are very rich in protein and iron that help in increasing stamina and also maintain the blood sugar level that increases concentration.

Dark green veggies are a must:
Dark green vegetables act as a catalyst, which means the darker the vegetables are, the higher the concentration is. Veggies such as spinach, lettuce (as a salad), cabbage, kale, etc are very good as anti-oxidants.

Consume milk products:
Products that are made from milk such as cheese, butter, curd, yogurt are rich in calcium, which is extremely beneficial for the bones.

Nervous? That’s a good virtue:
Students often get nervous one day before the examination, which is a good virtue indeed. Being nervous proves that you are well-prepared for the exam and would pass with flying colors. It is better than being overconfident and committing a mistake during an exam.

Take sound-sleep:
Taking proper sleep is a must during exam time because your physical health leads to mental health. Students become sleep-deprived during their exams, which should not happen. If you want a fresh mind, then taking sound sleep should be your habit, not only during exams but throughout your life.

By: Stuti Singh