Difference in Male and Female stereotypes in Films

General News | Apr-25-2022

Difference in Male and Female stereotypes in Films

We live in a society where men and women face different stereotypes as we have a very narrow mindset of what females and males should do or how should they look and how should they behave.

Even the film industry has a rigid mindset when it comes to portraying any male or female.

(1) We believe that men are stronger and bolder than women, so Bollywood mostly shows a young masculine hero saving his lover from goons. They never show the hero being kidnapped and the heroine has come to his rescue.

(2) Some small-minded people in our society believe that women's work is to only serve and please men and give them pleasure even in the films we see item songs where a woman is dancing and thousands of men are lusting over her. We also see vulgar similes and metaphors associated with the heroine in the song.

(3) In movies the hero should always be tall, dark, and handsome to be accepted by the heroine. On the other hand, the heroin should have black long hair, fair skin and a slim body to be accepted by the hero.

(4) To look called "sanskaari" the heroine should always be within her limits, she is always portrayed as a good cook, shy, and does not contradict her husband and in-laws even when they are wrong.

(5) The hero is shown as a stud who dates 2 to 3 girls and drinks and goes to parties and is also loved by everyone.

By : Tanushka Sharma