Different of music genres

General News | Dec-11-2020

Different of music genres

Music soothes our mind and soul. Music has therapeutic nature also helps us to heal from different life situations. Everyone has a choice of which type of music they like. Music genres are the categories in which divides the music into categories based on their beats and rhythm.

There are different genres of music:

  • EDM- The electronic dance music. This music has a lot of uplifting beats and different tones. The DJs use this kind of music in the clubs. People usually tend to dance to such music as it has groovy beats and a loud base. 
  • Rock music- Also known as "Rock n Roll" originated in the United States in the 1950s. This music uses a lot of string instruments. This type of music is popular among youth and young adults. Metallica is a famous example of rock music. 
  • Jazz- Originated in African and European culture; this music has both soft and loud touch. There is usually a combination of strings played softly, drums and piano. Many female singers have started their careers in this music, like Betty Carter, Abbey Lincoln, etc. 
  • Dubstep- This is a type of rock music, but it has made its place in the industry separately since the 1990s. It has more base and rhythm than rock music. Millennial love this music. 
  • Rhythm and Blues- This is the most famous type of music listened to by everyone. Singers and vocalists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, and the legendary Michele Jackson have made their careers in this industry. It is a combination of funk, rock, dance, and pop. This type of music focuses on real-life situations through its lyrics. 
  • Country Music- It has its roots in the United States. Played with a few drum beats and strings like steel guitar and bass guitars, it has a base of folk songs. Taylor Swift and Kenny Rogers are famous country musicians. 
  • Electro- A combination of hip hop and electronic music, it has been liked by everyone for a long time. The artists use drums, talkboxes, and electric guitars to make this music. 
  • Indie Rock- It is a type of Rock music that focuses on emotions. Originated in the 1980s, it has other branches like emo, noise pop, and math rock. 
  • Pop Music- Popular music includes all the music genres. It is a combination of all the genres. Legendary Michele Jackson is the Pop King as he sang in every genre. 

There are more different branches of music, which are yet to be named by the artists. Thus music is a sound that helps everyone in different ways. 


By Muskan Srivastava