Different Ways to Use Art at Home

General News | Jan-01-2021

Different Ways to Use Art at Home

Our Earth without art is incomplete. Art is the medium by which people can express their feelings to others. Art has a larger impact on people than words. You will find artwork for every mood that you have whether it be happy, sad, angry, confused, etc. Art has evolved through time from the old romantic arts to portraits and to modern paintings.

Art is something that everyone enjoys and good art wallops people really well. Art has the power to beautify things around it, and people love to beautify their homes too so we can use art to make our house beautiful. One of the most common ways to use art at home is painting the walls and fill them up with paintings, doodles whatever you like. Then kids usually have a habit of doodling on walls so instead of painting over them parents can turn the doodle into a better drawing.

We can use DIY tutorials to make decorative items for the house. Art can be used in the kitchen, bedrooms, washrooms anywhere you name it. All you need is imagination and the motivation to do it. People can buy cheap plain glass plates and then draw designs on those plates and make them as good as the costly ones. There is something called hydraulic dipping where shoes, phone covers, gaming consoles, etc are been dipped and given a pattern. It is a cheap way to make your belongings look cool. We can even use pots as decorative items by just repainting them. There are indefinite ways of using art in your homes all you need is imagination and the motivation to carry out your plan.

By: Kartik Nair

School Name: AISMV