Do Bollywood Songs Promote Stalking?

General News | Sep-17-2020

Do Bollywood Songs Promote Stalking?

Being part of a nation which talks about the need to get women empowered, people have forgotten that it is not just sufficient to be vocal or mere mouth pieces. The media, particularly the entertainment industry is a major source of setting trends and voicing out messages. We have a wide audience which heavily depends on movies and songs as a source of entertainment. These songs majorly speak out a culture to the audience in a way which may or may not be always appropriate. Hindi film music has become an inseparable part of our everyday lives. 

We have grown listening to such songs also hoping that life would be as fancy and as magical as portrayed in them. But as we grow up to be mature individuals, for example, ever since I developed a maturistic and feministic instinct, I started seeing the world with different eyes and also doubting the comfort these songs have created in our lives. We have always been fans of Bollywood songs which have amazing music but it’s high time we realize its also the lyrics which need attention. The entertainment industry needs a reality check. It would be highly encouraging if people start thinking of women as human beings rather than sex objects. The media industry being a great platform for voicing out such positive opinions, actors should start refusing roles which demand such characters and actions. Rather, they should take up roles which portray love in a healthier manner and establish consent as a very important factor. The famous celebrities who are followed by their ideal fans can make a change by tailoring and accepting only particular content which is healthy to be sent to the audience.

Our films and songs do not play a responsible role and instead show male characters actively pursuing their love interest by following her around, annoying her, troubling her, and refusing to take no for an answer. The male character sits outside her house, follows her around, climbs trees to secretly photograph her, attacks other men who so much as look at her, and more. This kind of behaviour is not new to Bollywood; this has been going around for so long that it has now been ingrained in our society and we don’t even find it odd anymore.
And as a result of such portrayal, young men come to the conclusion that stalking a woman is perfectly normal and acceptable. The “good” women in these films are tragically ignorant and reluctant. Bollywood continues to be crucial in affecting our lives, and actors continue to be revered like gods. One cannot deny the influence that Bollywood has on us. These songs normalise harassment, they make women look like puppets who have little autonomy and control over their lives. It is high time that they are called out for the same.

The next time someone releases a song called “Tu cheez badi hai mast mast”, which clearly objectifies a woman, let’s hope their song does not become a chartbuster. It’s time we recognise this kind of behaviour as awful and actively seek better forms of entertainment.

By- Alankrita