Dreaming Big Enough

General News | Sep-16-2020

Dreaming Big Enough
‘It is a crime to dream small. The world out there wants you to be like everyone else but I want you to strive hard to be unique.’ - APJ Abdul Kalam.
We all have an attitude of grabbing everything for free. Why not for dreams then? We live in a world with limits for each and everything except for one and the only thing that is - to dream. Dreams take you to a different world far away from your real stuffed up life. 
You can often find yourself asking the holy place for questions - The Google, ‘how to become successful’. The solutions there may help to be physically prepared but who is going to prepare you mentally. Who is going to fuel up your soul? Obviously it’s you who will do all this work but how? Dream! Dream! Dream! Start to dream! The dream is your fundamental right given to you by the almighty. Don’t waste it because it is your ultimate power which you had, have, and will have for your whole life. And if you don’t use it to it’s best, you are the foolest person on the earth. No offense! But you have the power to visualize what you want but still, you don’t. Why?  Dream whatever you want because dreams do come true. Don’t worry about how it will happen, just dream. Because dreams empower you, give you the courage to pursue them, and gives you an insight of the future for which you have been working for so long. Sometimes dreams give you messages from your inner soul. Till the time you are not capable of thinking of what you want, how can you expect yourself to achieve that thing? That is Impossible. Thinking, dreaming is one of the easiest things you can do. And what a wonder! Just dream and you will get it. Though you will have to work hard, at least you can pass the first step to success. 
Now, dreaming is a big deal we think. We all must have heard ‘Dare to Dream’. Why? Is dreaming that hard that you have to dare for it? No. if no, then why to dare it? The answer is, when you think out of the box, people think you don’t belong here, you belong to some other world which doesn’t exist. That is why people fear to dream and hence they say dare to dream. Just dream and be passionate and leave everything to the almighty up there. Dream and manifest it. That is it. A very famous Hindi saying, ‘ dekhna hi hai to bada dekho’. Let's learn to execute this amazing saying in our real lives and achieve what we want. 
Pursue two professions in your life, one that you aspire to be and one to be a professional dreamer. You have to dream so big that people think you are crazy.
Go and Dream!

Anvi Tyagi


Delhi World Public School