Drone Racing - Sport of the Future?

General News | Jul-24-2022

Drone Racing - Sport of the Future?

Some numeral Sports are played by players which have large popularity and fan following in the world. Playing a sport and continuing it as a future in leagues and contests is the goal of the players. Nowadays, as the world is moving and advancing faster, new sports are emerging which put the foundation of "Sports in Future". Due to the pace at which technology is growing, Sports involving technological use and functions are developing and getting attention. One such New Sport involving Technological Devices is "Drone Racing".

Drone Racing is the art of racing the Quadcopter as fast as a pilot can fly around the track. There are many skills required for Drone Racing including quick reaction time with the sticks, hand-to-eye coordination, extreme determination, and hard work and practice to excel in the Sport. Drone Racing now has just created a whole new Avenue and proves how quickly the technology is improving and how can we use this technology for entertainment purposes. The growth of sports has been pretty phenomenal and it is exploding which means it is going viral. The experience is indescribable during Drone Race as it feels like we are flying. The trick is in the camera and the transmission of the video signal sent to the pilot while he is watching through the goggles. It is so immersive that your brain thinks you are in the airframe. The Pilots of the done sway and move their bodies to follow the motion of the Drone in the airframe. In "Drone Racing League (DRL)" Pilots chase each other through very complex courses for determining the best pilot. Drone Racing has recently shifted from being just a Hobby Game to a Sport and that's where challenges start. The Championship is known as Drone Racing which is viewed by thousands of people as audience.

Therefore, in the next 5 years, it is believed that Drone Racing would have the proper infrastructure to support the Race and a very vibrant and well-established audience would be gathered which proves Drone Racing should be recognized as a sport instead of being just a Hobby. So, Drone Racing would surely become "The Sport of the Future".