Effect Of Eating Junk Food On Mental Health

General News | May-31-2020

Effect Of Eating Junk Food On Mental Health


The lifestyle that the present generation is following is sedentary and unhealthy. They eat various types of junk food which is not good for both their physical and mental health. They don't have much time to engage in physical activities and they even don't tend to engage in playing. Such type of living is leading to physical and mental health disorders among youth.

The busy schedule of the young generation does not allow them to engage in physical activities like playing various sports and this makes them sit in one place eating a lot of junk food. This leads to obesity among children. There was a time when children used to be very thin and fit, but now the scenario of this world is different than that times. Children are turning fat. They can't play very well because of their weight and don't feel fit to be with people. This makes them quite self-isolation. Then self-isolation due to physical disorder leads to mental disorder. They become victims of depression and anxiety. They become extremely cautious about their health and try to get ways to become thin. Some children may go on the right path of getting fit however it's not the same for everyone. Some children tend to make various medicines and insist on surgeries which is very harmful to their bodies. This makes their life quite difficult for them to live and enjoy it.

The only solution to this problem is to leave following sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles. A fit life with proper schedule and diet should be followed. Then this will help you to come out of all disorders in life and would lead to a peaceful and happy life for everyone.

By: Abhishikta Pal

Class: 10th

School: Ramjas School, R.K. Puram