Effect of Meditation and Yoga on Depression

General News | May-01-2021

Effect of Meditation and Yoga on Depression

Meditation and Yoga are scientifically approved medicines and techniques to cure Meditation and to promote mental health. Every 12 months, at least 10% of the students suffer from anxiety and depression. And 30% of students have been reported to be under a very moderate amount of stress. Meditation can be considered as a non-stigmatized and no side effect treatment for mental health-related issues.

Yoga is a 3000-year-old tradition, today in the 21st century, it is considered a holistic approach when it comes to health-related problems. The meaning of the word “Yoga” is yuj, which again means – union. If one practices Yoga daily, it helps in promoting a healthy mind, body, endurance, and flexibility. It also harbors compassion towards other people, self-love, and selflessness. Also, it helps to keep a strong and controlled mind, which will stay positive and fast-paced in even hard situations. Yoga states that our human body is holistic, comprising interrelated dimensions, hence the health of one-dimensional results in affecting the other dimensions as well. Yoga believes in self-dependency and self-empowerment, resulting in the person being in charge of their sickness and health-related issues. Yoga can be termed as a journey of meeting with your spirit and in this journey, a healing process develops itself from within, healing the individual from the core.

Different postures of Yoga help in opening different blockages of energy, when the energy inside the body can flow freely from one dimension to another, the body and energy become more balanced resulting in positive wellbeing.
There are different types of Yoga present out there, each having its uniqueness and own unique ability to heal a particular part of our wellbeing. Yoga is also seen to reduce age-related changes in the body of humans. Yoga has resulted in healing and curing many different diseases like Cancer, AIDS, and a lot more. The result of Yoga shows a reduced level of toxicity and negativity amongst humans.
Overall, Yoga helps our mind, body, and soul in such a way that traditional medicine fails to do and helps us live a long-term healthy life.

By: Anisha

Content: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/yoga-benefits-beyond-the-mat