Enhance your Decision Making

General News | Feb-26-2021

Enhance your Decision Making

A decisive person goes a long way in his/her life, both personally and professionally. Making the right decisions at the right time, with the right people does not often seem so easy. But that one decision makes all the difference. An indecisive person may face a lot of problems and therefore the need arises to learn this skill. It may happen slowly and gradually.

It may be true that time is favorable for you. Every day the same old picture may appear, in which colors of imperfections are seen. Fatigue is seen to increase in such scenarios. For some, this is an all-around anxiety-ridden period. It is also possible that the conditions may be completely different from what you were initially thinking, ie, you are excited to learn something new at this time.

You may realize that life does not always bring bad results, it also gives some good lessons, ie there can be both kinds of situations, good as well as bad. But the most interesting thing is to know that all this does not happen on its own. You are always your driver of life. In such a situation, you can change your direction according to the time. One can consider the other option and take the right decision and choose the right path. Usually, we make such decisions every moment, which are part of our self-development.

Understand the language of mind and body. You know that both our bodies and mind affect each other. The mind constantly keeps producing thoughts. Both positive and negative thoughts come. Till these thoughts stay, their effect can be seen in the body. Troubled, scared, apprehensive, you may sweat, heartbeat increases. You are happy, even then you will see that the reaction starts in your body. If you say that you do not have a choice, you are compelled to have problems in life, then perhaps you are not able to control your emotions.

How to make better decisions:

  • Consider both the positive and negative aspects of any situation.
  • Identify risk
  • Collect related information
  • Visualize the coming tomorrow i.e. visualize it. As if you can see the outcome of the decision
  • Always listen to the voice of your heart. Often it gives you the right suggestions
  • Overconfidence can spoil work, don't forget it.

Remember, if you continue to give negative messages to the mind, then your brain will not be able to tell you what to do. Whatever thoughts you send to the brain, it will react like that. We all have decision-making powers; we just need to understand our true potential.

By: Akshit Sharma

Content- https://hbr.org/2018/01/3-ways-to-improve-your-decision-making